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bMessages is a direct marketing information services company that is dedicated to providing highly relevant online customer data for corporate marketers. As online usage grows, marketers need to access online customer data to complement their existing direct mail campaign efforts. The company maintains one of the largest repositories of segmented B2C data available in the marketplace today. Our entire database contains both physical (postal) addresses as well as email addresses and other demographic attributes that are relevant for direct marketing and interactive marketing companies. bMessages is a privately held corporation with operations in Irvine, California and Glen Allen, Virginia.

Our Mission

  • Create and maintain the most comprehensive database for the direct marketing and interactive marketers
  • Assure quality of the data by working with the leaders of marketing information services industry
  • Maintain high-quality operational procedures backed by advanced response tracking technology

A Direct Marketing Information Services Company

Offering targeted lists, insight and results

  • We own and maintain an extensive database of segmented lists by interest area
  • We assure quality of our data by working with leaders in the marketing information services industry
  • We maintain industry-leading operational procedures with advanced response tracking technology, providing customer insights to corporate marketers

We maintain one of the largest sets of segmented data (targeted customers) by interest area. We have both online and offline data for marketers to conduct cross-campaigns that complement direct mail with email campaigns. Unlike other lists, our data are “dynamic” and not “static”. Leading Marketing, Information and Data companies leverage our segmented database to enhance their existing data asset, creating better results for their clients which include the corporate marketers of Fortune 1000 companies.

Our Services

Technology / Partnership

We offer outbound marketing services (eg., email, video email), using a combination of proprietary database processing, email delivery, and video email delivery technologies.

Database and Data Filtering

bMessages data are defined by segment and contain email, name, street address, zipcode for geographic targeting along with select demographic profiles and response data. All data pass through our proprietary filtering process (Zip + NCOA) to assure highest quality and recency of the data for outbound marketing purposes. bMessages databases are stored in Microsoft SQL and mySQL to work with a variety of customer database environments.

Online Newsletter delivery and

response tracking platform

For newsletter and promotional campaign delivery, we use Arbitrel eCampaign’s advanced email delivery platform modified for bMessages robust requirements

Video Email creation, delivery and tracking

For Video Email, we use Avimail’s advanced video email delivery and tracking platform modified for bMessages robust requirements

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