What is CRM by bMessages?

CRM is a comprehensive service that begins with appending email or postal addresses to our client’s (bMessages’ corporate customer) customer list. Once this process is complete, bMessages then sends an initial campaign to “opt-in” customers on the list and later uses the results from these mailings for follow-up email newsletter campaigns. Clients can then schedule weekly or monthly emails to their own customer lists using bMessages proprietary email campaign management software. The client’s customer lists are hosted and managed by bMessages. Email campaigns are sent on behalf of our clients on an ongoing basis. The client’s customer list will not be linked to bMessages data and will not be used, resold or leveraged in anyway.

How it is structured?

  • Discuss arrangement with the bMessages team in advance
  • Deliver the first group of customer’s list and conduct email appending job
  • Once the list is appended, we provide a count of customers with appended addresses to our client
  • An initial campaign is sent and is followed by - monthly (typical) campaigns
  • Each campaign results are provided to our client for ongoing refinements

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