“eCampaign offers an email campaign, response analysis, and a follow-up campaign with precise targeting…resulting in a substantial improvement in customer acquisition at half the cost.”

What is eCampaign?

eCampaign is a comprehensive email delivery service, that includes a detailed prospect analysis that is generated by our proprietary advanced response tracking technology. Using the results of the response analysis, we offer targeted direct mail list rental or email campaign service.

Clients can immediately generate:

  • Prospective customers from email newsletter/promotional campaigns
  • Identify better targets leveraging the response data from email campaigns
  • And then follow up by sending additional email campaigns or direct mails to those audiences with high response rates

The end goal is to achieve highly effective direct mail campaigns using either email or direct mail by defining precise audience segmentation more precisely via lifestyle, gender, age and/or geographic attributes.

What is eCampaign?

  • Typically an email campaign is structured for a given targeted audience per client needs and datacard. The email contains a message or creative that both client and bMessages mutually agree upon.
  • Once the campaign is agreed upon and reviewed (within 1 week) then it gets sent.
  • Within 3-4 business days of the campaign, response analytics is performed on the first campaign (based on messages opened, times spent reading, recipients who read and responded to the initial campaigns).
  • The follow-up email is sent to those audiences who did not open the earlier campaigns within a week of the first send.
  • Once both initial and follow-up campaigns are sent and responses are captured, then the final report is generated with results along with future targeted audience (e.g., Top SCFs, Age/Gender Group, Lifestyles) for future direct mail purposes.
  • Delivery to a precise targeted direct mail list is performed, to generate higher response rates to a targeted audience.
  • Expected price range for eCampaign is typically twice the target send count X CPM rate posted on our DataCard.

eCampaign Product Example: a California based Resort campaign

(Actual data are not accurate, and are presented for illustrative purposes only)

Campaign Response by Demographic Field: Age Group

We evaluate responses data by time and by SCF (Geographic field) to identify which region(s) are most responsive.

Response by time and by SCF

We then conduct further analysis against demographic attributes

(available on our select popular lifestyle segments such as Golfers, Investors)

TOP Response Audience (Those who clicked on actionable links)

Upon careful analysis, the most sensitive attributes were SCF and age, and therefore the top most responsive SCFs and age group are provided to clients for future campaign efforts.

The above campaign results are provided for illustrative purposes and for more details on your campaign requirements, consult bMessages direct at 800.216.4227, X2 for Sales or email at [email protected]. Thank you.

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